The coffee we serve in ITJ Base is roasted by the Hostel & Rotisery "Tagore Harbor Hostel", located in Heda, a harbor town on the otherside of Daruma-yama Mt. from Shuzenji Onsen.

The coffee is dripped Aussy style, a way the owner of ITJ Base was impressed.

The beans we use are also from the area where we are sympathized.


Baird Beer is brewed in Shuzenji.  We serve 4 kinds of craft beer from "Baird Beer Brewery", as the first specialty shop in Shuzenji Onsen.  You are also able to buy them to go, using a growler.

We recommend them for souvenires and outdoor drinkers.

Baird Beer brews many kinds of beer by the season, so look forward to drinking them!!

Worcation Area

We have 6 worcation seats on the 2nd floor.

Please use the area with our guest house.

Menu ​​​​​​​Menu may vary by the season

Espresso            /400 

Long Black        /450

Ameriano           /400

Cafe Latte          /500

Baird Beer (Draft)                  /500~

Baird Beer (Bottle)                /500~

Home made Craft Cola       /500

Home made Ginger Ale       /500

Hot Dog             /600

Chilli Dog          /700

Meat Chilli         /800                     and more

Open hours   10:00-18:00

Closed Every Wednesday & Thursday

Occupation (Café)
Café 40 seats

Worcation area 6 seats

Cycle pit available